Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lemper Ayam ( Steamed Glutinous Rice Ball with chicken filling

About a month ago I went to an Asian groceries store in Quincy, MA.
I was so glad to find nigiri sushi mold. Many cooking blogs suggested to use this kind of mold to shape lemper (sticky rice ball) easier and faster.
The size of this rice ball is not too big...my husband said, "it only needs my two bites"
Just wondering someday I can get the bigger nigiri sushi maker.

Here is the recipe :

Steamed Glutinous Rice :
250 gram glutinous rice
125 mL coconut milk
1 pandanus leaf
1 lime leaf

- soak glutinous rice in water about 2-4 hours, rinse the water and steam the rice about 10-15 minutes.
- boil coconut milk, pandanus leaf and lime leaf, set aside.
- mix half cooked rice with boiled coconut milik
- put rice mixture into the steamer again, steam until done.

Chicken Filling :
2 pcs chicken
1 white curry instant seasoning
1 tsp coriander powder
2 bay leaves
1 lime leaf
salt, pepper, sugar to taste
150 - 175 mL coconut milk

- stir fry instant curry until it fragrance, add bay leaves, coriander powder.
- throw the chicken in, mix with with the seasoning.
- add coconut milk, let the chicken tender and cooked, and almost all liquid is absorbed.
- shred cooked chicken in food processor.

Finishing :
Open the upper part of sushi mold
Put some rice into base sushi mold
Put some chicken on top of rice
Layer the chicken with some rice again
Press and mold the rice using the upper part.
Open the mold, we will get small tube shape of rice cake.
Wrap with banana leaf.

To know step by step pictures of making this, you can click Bunda Estherlita blog HERE.

Lemper Ayam (Chicken Sticky Rice Cake)

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