Friday, June 22, 2012

Tumpeng Ulang Tahun

It is my first attempt to make TUMPENG ( cone shape made by yellow/white rice). It is a symbol of celebration and thanksgiving in most place in Java island.
I don't have cone mold to form a good shape of cone. So I made 4 layers of rice to make it a tall enough rice  'mountain'  :) . The entree were ayam kalasan (sweet sour chicken), telur bumbu bali (hard boiled eggs with Balinese seasoning), perkedel ( fried mashed potato). The condiments were sambal manis (sweet chilli sauce) and the edible garnish were sliced cucumber & tomato.
I made it last week, on my birthday. We enjoyed these food with some of my friends. I'm glad they like it. 

Just to make my son happy, I made effortless jelly bday ( i don't have bday cake). Jev loves to blow birthday candle. I made konyaku jelly with chocolate flavor and added fresh strawberries on top of it by using toothpick. Jev was so glad. Strawberry is his favorite fruit. He almost finished all strawberries.  

Above all food prepared that night, my birthday celebration was complete with my lovely family close to me.

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