Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dawet/Cendol Jelly (Pandan Jelly drink)

I took time to arrange my pantry. I've left them for 3 months as I stayed in Indonesia previous months. 
I found 'konyaku powder' . I have Nutrijell brand which is one of the leading brand for konyaku powder in Indonesia.  Konyaku powder is starch that is processed from tuberous root from the devils tongue plant was traditionally used in Japan to produce jelly like substance used in food. It is also one of source of fiber for our daily intake.  

I tried to browse the recipe using this jelly powder, I still have the plain one. 
Finally I got a lists of recipe from Nutrijell website. If you want to take a look, just click HERE. It's in Indonesian language. 
I decided to try Dawet/Cendol Jelly (Jelly drink) recipe with some adjustment. 
I don't have 'Suji leaves'. So I change this ingredient to just Pandan paste I got from Asian grocery store here. I ran out of  coconut milk so I used coffee mate. And instead of palm sugar I used brown sugar. 

The original version of Dawet/Cendol is made from rice flour and/or mung bean flour mix with Suji and Pandan leaves extract. It is more complicated to make. Here is the video how to make the original one. The video is from Nova tabloid Indonesia. Click HERE to watch. 

Here is the recipe with my modification :

For the Jelly:
1 Plain Nutrijell
700 cc water
2 tsp of Pandan Paste

For the drink:
700 cc cocounut milk ---- my version : I'm using coffee mate + water
200 g palm sugar ---- my version  :  brown sugar
50 g sugar
Pandan leaves 
A pinch of salt

Method : 

For the jelly, mix the powder with the water, heat it (medium heat), stir until it is boiled. Pour the jelly mix into a container/pyrex.  Let it cool. Shred the jelly. 

For the  drink, mix coconut milk, palm sugar and sugar.  Cook with medium heat until boiled.  

Prepare a tall glass,put some cube ice, put some shredded jelly and pour out the drink. It is ready for us  to enjoy....

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